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Gentleness – An Unexpected Route to Healing

Mark 1:29-31 - After Jesus left the synagogue with James and John, they went to Simon and Andrew’s home. Now Simon’s mother-in-law was sick in bed with a high fever. They told Jesus about her right away. So he went to her bedside, took her by the hand, and helped her sit up. Then the fever left her, and she prepared a meal for them. (NLT)

Devotional Series: Reflections on the Life and Words of Jesus

Whenever I think about Jesus’ healing ministry, I think of power. My mind turns to his authority in both prayer and teaching. I think of how he spoke to demons. I am reminded of his words to the disciples that there was a need for prayer for certain types of healing to occur.

Mark 9:28-29 - Afterward, when Jesus was alone in the house with his disciples, they asked him, “Why couldn’t we cast out that evil spirit?” Jesus replied, “This kind can be cast out only by prayer. (NLT)

But in today’s passage, we see a different type of healing. A healing that doesn’t require any speech. A healing that at first glance doesn’t point to Jesus’ authority but points to a different side of our Saviour. Today, we see a Jesus who is gentle and calm. A Jesus who meets people where they are at. A Jesus who simply went to a sick woman’s bedside, took her by the hand, helped her get up and she was healed.

Sometimes the best way to help someone in their healing is not through prayer or preaching. Sometimes it just takes being there, taking someone by the hand and helping them get up! How many times have we overlooked this ‘simple’ form of healing for something that looks more ‘powerful’? How many times have we rejected this type of healing from a friend because we didn’t think it was enough? How many times have we ignored the promptings of the Holy Spirit to help someone in this way but didn’t think that it would add much value or concluded that it would be too much work?

Just like the seemingly more ‘powerful’ types of healing, this miracle was not only immediate but it yielded fruit beyond the initial healing. Simon’s mother-in-law fully recovered and was able to prepare Jesus and his disciples a meal!

As you reflect on the people around you, is there someone you could come alongside, take by the hand and help them get up? Or are you in need of this help but have rejected a seemingly ‘insignificant’ offer of help? Perhaps this offer of gentleness is God’s answer to your prayers and an unexpected route to your healing!

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