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Reminder! God Forgives and God Heals!

Psalm 103: 3 - He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. (NLT)

Devotional Series: Psalm 103

Whenever I write a devotional, I tend to feel an unspoken pressure to share a ‘brand new revelation’ that makes the readers think that I am extremely deep and have a special, supernatural and anointed connection to the Lord. Thankfully, the Holy Spirit instantly reminds me that teaching through writing has absolutely nothing to do with me, my revelations or gifting. Instead, it is all about the Lord and how he chooses to work through me to speak to his people.


Why is this relevant to today’s passage? Well, today’s reading isn’t about a new deep understanding of the verses. It is simply a reminder. Today’s devotional is about reminding you what you already know. It is to remind you about the primary benefits of our relationship with the Lord. He has and continues to forgive us all our sins and he heals us from all our diseases, whether physical, spiritual or mental.   


So, wherever you are right now, be reminded that God loves you, continually forgives you and has the power to heal all your diseases!

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